Custom sculpture, statue, bust

We have a professional group of Digital Sculptors who are able to design any custom sculpture, Bust, and Statue just with 3 photos. it will be 3D printed quite accurately. Custom Bronze Sculpture, portrait Statue, Head Bust are our finest specialty. we make and create custom made Sculptures and Busts.
The final product is a spectacular integration of Art and Technology.


Traditional Sculpting VS 3D Printing sculpting

Benefits of 3D ART

3D Printing Technology


Professional Digital Sculptor Team

Experienced artists in sculpting to any style.

3D Print

3D Printing Technology

Using best and up to date 3D printing technology available.

3D Design

Professional 3D Artist Team

Casting in any size you want in the best quality.

online order

Online Order

The whole procedure is online and your presence is not necessary.

take photo

Sculpting From Photos

You give us just 3 photos And we do the rest. We make your custom made statue.

need of gift idea

Custom sculptures can be a perfect idea for gift giving.


steps to order custom busts

Send Photos
Step 1

Send Photos

3D Design
Step 2

3D Design

Customer Approval
Step 3

Customer Approval

3D Printing
Step 4

3D Printing & Delivery


Pricing of Sculpting

Suitable for Gift, 8" Height, Polymer, 1:2 Ratio life size, Make from Photo


Suitable for Gift, 11 1/2" Height, Polymer, 2:3 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Memorial, 17" Height, Polymer, 1:1 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Memorial, 33" Height, Polymer, 3:2 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Gift, 11 1/2" Height, Bronze, 2:3 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Gift, 17" Height, Bronze, 1:1 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Memorial, 23" Height, Bronze, 3:2 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

Suitable for Memorial, 33" Height, Bronze, 2:1 Ratio life size, Make from Photo

taking photo instruction

How To Take Photos?

Follow photo instruction before ordering. If you want to surprise your nominated person, you can use existing photos of her/him.
Don't forget: More accurate photos, more similarity to reality!

front view
side view

If you have any questions, read the most common and frequent questions that people have ever asked us.


Custom Sculpture as a unique Gift

Based on our many years of experience, customers order custom sculptures as a gift. Usually the motives of these gifts are divided into four categories.

In the first group, customers order a gift for one of their family members including: parents, grandparents, grandmothers, or spouses.
The second group will arrange this gift for one of their colleagues, such as: professors and teachers, boss, or retired colleagues.
The third group, customers order the statue to appreciate a great and influential personality such as: the founder of a company, a devotee soldier, a great cultural and artistic personality, a medical personality and ... for installation in public places.
The fourth group, commercial customers, order statues to appreciate their business partners. Usually this gift is given to people during a conference or event.

Indoor & Outdoor sculpture


Why you need Custom sculpture? it's a unique gift. you can order bust sculpture, portrait bust, sculpting from photo services. for your loved ones and colleagues easily in our website.

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our custom bronze bust and sculptures product list is complete. you can order:

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you can get a Quote on our polymer material bust sculptures as well. you can order:

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Sculpturing from photo


How to order bust?

For getting sculpture quotation and price list , use below buttons. Also, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone if there is any questions.

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